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Thank you to Dr. Brian Hightower, Superintendent of Schools Cherokee County, GA

The Cherokee Beekeepers Club is asking all members to contact Dr. Brian Hightowner, to thank him on his decision to cancel all pesticide spraying programs for mosquitoes.

As we heard from Paul Pugliese, Bartow County UGA Extension Agent, from last month’s meeting, that broadcast spraying for mosquitoes isn’t very effective, and isn’t effective for long. Eliminating mosquito breeding environments (tires, cups, downspouts), and treating permanent water features (birdbaths, fountains, etc.) are far more effective in treating mosquitoes by using mosquito dunks. The mosquito dunks have zero negative impact on honeybees! Even if (when) they take a drink from that water.

Of course the Cherokee Beekeepers Club is as concerned about Zika moving into Georgia as the rest of the citizens of Cherokee County, which may eventually happen. Currently however, the number of Zika infections naturally occurring in Georgia is zero. All people infected with Zika were infected in other parts of the world and returned to Georgia.

Again, we’d like to thank Dr. Hightower for listening to our concerns and reviewing the scientific evidence that led to the cancellation of the spraying program. Please mail to the following address your thanks:

Dr. Brian Hightower – Superintendent of Schools
1030 Keeter Road, Canton, Ga. 30114

Feel free to make the letter your own message by personalizing it with your own thoughts and stories. Of course, be your own polite, educated selves that we know make up the Cherokee Beekeepers Club.


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