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Man killed by bees hiking in AZ park

beeOnFingerSadly, a tourist from Louisiana died while hiking in an Arizona park. A very sad, but rare story, about how multiple stings from bees can be lethal.

“A Good Samaritan went back to the area Sonya described to check on Alex. Alex was located lying on the ground still covered by bees and he was not able to approach due to the aggressiveness of the bees. The first park employees arrived and attempted to approach Alex, but were forced back by the bees. As Alex was covered by bees, a second attempt to approach was unsuccessful due to the hostility of the bees. Sgt. Romer with the Sheriff’s Lake Patrol arrived on scene, assumed possession of a park Utility Vehicle, and drove to Alex’s location.

I personally am curious on whether this was some Africanized bees that turned aggressive, or a ‘normal’ swarm of bees that when passing by Alex if he swatted several bees. As you may know, the pheromones given off by a killed bee and incite the other bees from the swarm to attack. This can lead to a escalating circle of attack that can lead to this ultimate outcome. We’ll have to wait for more findings on the story.

To read the full report on the story, visit here: Louisiana man dies after stung more than 1,000 times by bees at Arizona park


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